Our Mission

Quite simply, we strive for regeneration. Not only in our farming practices, but for our communities as well. 

To us, farming is more than just the crops we produce. It starts quite literally from the ground up, with a completely outdoor, one hundred percent regenerative and sustainable farming system. These regenerative practices are essential in creating the most nutrient rich cannabis while helping to repair our environment at the same time.

Our communities are in desperate need of repairing as well, and so our quest for regenerative restoration goes beyond our farming practices. Together, we can create a thriving craft farm industry that employs women and people of color in order to create a workforce that mirrors the diversity of our great state. Our hope for the future, is that the money which will assuredly come from this amazing crop must be used for more than just individual profit. Rather, it can be used to create jobs all across the state, with an emphasis on farming communities and communities that have suffered the most as a result of the criminalization of marijuana against people of color.

We hope you will join us in our mission.