1. Link to Activist Toolkit created by Start Smart New York, a campaign fighting for Sensible Marijuana Access through Regulated Trade, specifying actions you can take.

  2. Identify your New York State Legislators, then call and/or write.

  3. Review the Talking Points and call your legislators asking them to support our proposals. You may use or modify this sample letter in writing to your legislators.

  4. Attend your local Town or Village Board Meetings, which are usually open to the public. Make sure your local community and county officials understand that craft cannabis is good for your local economy, it creates jobs and provides stability for farmers, as well as being beneficial to our environment. Print out and take copies of Talking Points with you.

  5. To educate yourself, we have made available Andi Novick’s testimony to the assembly, as well as NY Small FarmA's legislative proposals.